PQI Calibration Services

We proudly offer five types of physical calibration services, including: Temperature (-13°F to 1,220°F), Infrared Temperature to 752°F, Humidity Test Chamber range from 10% to 98%, Pressure and Vacuum from 14.7 to 10,000 psi, Torque Calibration to 600 ft. lbs. and Force Calibration in Tension and Compression to 2,000 lbs. Our services can be performed onsite at your facility or in our state-of-the-art lab.

Physical Calibration Services

Force Calibration
Force Calibration
Pressure/Vacuum Calibration
Temperature/Humidity Calibration

Physical Calibration Specs

Force Calibration

Tension, Compression: to 2,000 lbs.
Scales: to 500 lbs.
Onsite Torque Calibration to 600 ft. lbs.
  • Balance Calibration
  • Scale Calibration
  • Force Gage Calibration
  • Dynamometer Calibration
  • Load Cells Calibration (ASTM E-74 available)
  • Tensile Testers Calibration (ASTM E-4 available)

Pressure/Vacuum Calibration

14.7 to 10,000 psi

  • Manometer Calibration
  • Digital and Analog Pressure Gage Calibration
  • Transducer Calibration
  • Chart and Data Recorder Calibration
  • Digital and Analog Vacuum Gage Calibration

Temperature/Humidity Calibration

-13°F to 1,220°F

  • Digital Temp Indicator Calibration
  • Drywell Calibrator Calibration
  • Environmental and Over Chamber Calibration
  • Humidity Recorder
  • Infrared Thermometer Calibration, ambient to 752° F
  • Laminating Press Calibration
  • Temperature Control Calibration
  • Thermometers: Bimetal and Glass
  • Thermocouples / RTD Calibration

It’s not what’s on the front of the sticker, it’s what's behind it.

This sticker costs 32 cents to make, but the data behind it is priceless. Our people, procedures, equipment and facilities are second to none. And that is why we would like to be your choice for all your calibration needs:

  • Calibration data ensures the validity of measurement results.
  • Failed measurement results have consequences large and small.
  • Hubble Telescope mirror distortion: A $950 million dollar measurement error.
  • Failed measurement of heart pacemaker seals: 7 Deaths, $30 million dollar settlement: Don’t trust the sticker: Trust what’s behind it, let us show you the PQI difference.

Offered PQI Calibration Services

Dimensional Gaging

We offer gage calibration services and technical support for all your dimensional measurement activities, including hard gages and precision hand tools. We have a fully equipped, environmentally controlled lab onsite where we can conduct accredited calibrations with uncertainties as low as .000002".


All electronic test instruments require calibration to provide accurate test data. PQI offers electronic calibration for a wide range of commercial off-the-shelf equipment. We are a leading resource for NIST traceable ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited calibrations.

Physical Calibration

Our physical calibration services include torque, force and pressure calibration. We can calibrate pressure gages from vacuum to 10,000PSI. We offer service at your facility when appropriate and can calibrate most items in our lab.

CMM & Vision Systems

Our ANAB accredited services include calibration, repair and certification of all makes and models of CMMs. We have factory trained calibration technicians that provide linear and volumetric error correction on Hexagon, Brown & Sharpe, DEA and Sheffield CMMs. All of our certifications comply with national standards, and all of our calibration equipment is traceable to NIST.

CNC Machine Tool

Our CNC calibration specialists have the latest tools for analyzing CNC machine tools, including: laser interferometers, telescoping ball bars, spindle analysis systems and rotary table calibrators. Calibration capabilities include accredited ASME B5 Standard and Boeing CNC verification services.

PQI Divisions